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21 September, 2019

Funny, inventive, and surprisingly touching ... a loving ode to a series that captivated the world

It’s eleven-year-old Wayne’s first year at a certain school of magic, and he’s about to find out that he’s a long way from rural Queensland.

Not brave enough, smart enough, or evil enough, he finds himself sorted into the Puffs, where it seems like failure is the norm – except in Herbology, of course!

But Wayne is certain he’s destined for greatness, that he’s someone special, that he’s a sort of… chosen one.

Unfortunately for him, there’s another boy starting school this year.

A boy with glasses and a scar.

It looks like the school year is going to get quite interesting – for everyone except the Puffs, that is.

Puffs The Play is, from start to surprisingly heartfelt finish, an absolute joy.

Both celebrating and poking plenty of fun at that most famous of book and movie franchises, it’s clever, fast-paced, and genuinely very funny.

Led by a talented cast – many playing a plethora of roles – it’s a wonderful couple of hours, especially when spent in the company of a theatre filled with fellow Potterheads.

Ensemble standouts included Annabelle Tudor and Matt Whitty, who took turns as both students and teachers – watch out in particular for Whitty’s performance as a certain Potions master – while Daniel Cosgrove’s J. Finch will have you humming his theme tune all the way home from the theatre.

Likely a little too on the nose for those unfamiliar with the source material, Puffs The Play is nonetheless an outstanding piece of theatre.

Inventive, engaging, and, most importantly of all, driven by a genuine love of the Harry Potter universe, it’s a must-see for fans.

Catch it before the Brisbane Powerhouse season ends this coming weekend, otherwise You-Know-Who and his Death… Buddies (*sigh*) might come knocking…