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28 September, 2019

I expected to laugh, I didn't expect to cry...

Well, I expected to laugh when I went to see Fangirls, but I didn’t expect to cry!

This show was super entertaining, bright, colourful, and fun.

BUT the mother-daughter moments and feminist message really hit me in the feels.

I shed a few tears, it’s true (not going to blame being 35 weeks pregnant – I was not the only one getting teary!).

I’ve told quite a few people about this show, and it kinda made me a little sad that as a 14-year-old, I didn’t experience the fangirl life.

Where was my passion? Where was my dedication?

More importantly, I suppose, is where are those things now?!

It was a light-hearted and fun night Saturday night of comedy / theatre / musical… whatever (I don’t even know how to describe it…), but has ended up being way more thought-provoking then I thought it would be.

And I love the show even more because of that.