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18 October, 2019

I have to quote the legendary Molly Meldrum: "Do Yourself A Favour!"

Fabulous, Fabulous, Fabulous!

Women in Voice are unique nationally acclaimed women showcasing their exceptional vocal talents with a superb mix of songs and genres.

This show truly has something for everyone.

It’s surprising, cultural, extremely funny and dramatic as each performer takes you on a personal musical journey.

Stories are told, songs are shared and at times you could hear a pin drop as the performers captivated the audience and their imaginations.

The show was kicked into gear by the wonderfully funny award-winning improviser, emcee Jenny Wynter who razzled and dazzled her way through the show.

Next, Pauline Maudy delighted whilst reminiscing about her childhood in Paris and relocating to Australia.

The sound of beautiful French lyrics captivated everyone with La Vie En Rose being the standout.

This was followed by the golden voice of Barb Fordham and her daughter Georgie Neilsen who share not only their amazing talents, which complimented each other beautifully but their life experiences.

The enjoyment they get from singing together shone through taking the performance to another level.

Queenie van de Zandt was oh so dramatic and kept the audience absolutely spellbound.

The added theatrics highlighted the raw emotional content of her songs beautifully.

Then out came Women in Voice veteran Alison St Ledger who slammed it home rocking out Nivana and Powderfinger to name a couple, all delivered with a good dollop of humour.

The evening’s entertainment was brilliantly supported by the legendary WIV band.

It’s a must see – RUN DON’T WALK peeps. You’ll thank me later.