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6 September, 2019

I shared her pain and I cried as she walked around in circles on the stage.

We Live Here is a circus and gymnastic act performed by a group of young talented performers on a simple stage with little or no props. The use of visuals, music and the voice recordings used as the backdrop to the performance was so effective in portraying that Hummingbird House is a special place to those who need its wonderful services and support. It is a place of respite and joy.

The dancing was beautiful and the performers were so earnest in their efforts to convey the impact of terminal illness on families and the respite that Hummingbird House provides.

Two scenes stood out in particular, the backyard playground and the synchronised swimming scene were so joyful and showed how simple family fun can be found provided there is a place to step away from the medical care environment.
I am a parent so the story resonated with me on an emotional level.

A mum tries to meet the strict timetable of the needs of a seriously ill child and her mum duties to her other “normal” children as the timetable was read aloud to the to the incessant clock. I shared her pain and I cried as she walked around in circles on the stage.

A dad who requested a date night just to be a couple again and to step away from their medical care duties. Hummingbird House organised a rooftop date and the performers danced and giggled on stage whilst the audience laughed and clapped at the funny scene.

Overall, the performers used their wonderful strength and talent to convey the emotional highs and lows of dealing with terminal illness. I cried, laughed, clapped to the music. I was in awe of how this complex issue was represented in such a beautiful way.