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10 September, 2019

I swore I wouldn’t tell a soul about what I’ve seen tonight: so here’s my review

Tonight I took an oath.

I took an oath I would say nothing of what I saw tonight.

And I won’t.

That oath is sacred.

Oaths are sacred – do you want a review by someone who thinks oaths aren’t sacred?

What kind of person are you?

Not someone for this show, clearly.

The mixtape happened after though.

I haven’t heard it yet so I can’t say exactly what it is or what it says about the show although technically to review the mixtape wouldn’t be in breach of my oath because the memories borne by the mixtape will be the future memories of an entire room.

From Glaswegian riots to secret riflings through sibling stockpiles; these songs will be the only record of an unforgettable night – that I can’t talk about.

Because of the oath.

I imagine that future renditions of the mixtape will tell of an intimate shared experience; of a theatre performance that connects strangers even before it began; of the sharply whittled words of a whip-smart writer coupled with a charismatic performer of outstanding ability and a small minimal set with unexpectedly intricate production value.

But I couldn’t tell you for sure.

I took an oath, you see.