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24 April, 2021

If you are an Elton John fan this is a must-see event.

This is not your average tribute show…….I mean WOW!!! It far exceeded my expectations.

It’s Elton John songs like you have never heard them performed before, powerfully entwined with a number of real-life stories, memories and narratives of people who were both moved or influenced by his music at some time in their life.

The brilliant cast who are all fabulous theatre performers in their own right, bring the personal experiences alive evoking every emotion, some immensely hilarious or dramatic, some heart-warming and many heart-breaking. For the most part I had my hand on my heart and a lump in my throat. Candle in the Wind and Good-bye Yellow Brick Road brought a hush over the crowd and almost had me ugly crying.

The harmonies of Andy Cook, Marcus Corowa, Luke Kennedy and Irena Lysiuk were superb and their musicianship extraordinary as they moved seamlessly from song to song, story to story making us laugh, cry and sing our hearts out.

A special mention should go out to the Auslan Interpreter who joyously translated the entire show. Fabulous job.

If you are an Elton John fan this is a must-see event.

Your Song is a fast-paced, delightful fun-filled show and a joyous celebration of Elton John’s extraordinary songbook performed by a phenomenally talented group of singers and musicians.