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24 January, 2020

It lived up to its name, what a carnival!

The acting was really good.

All of the characters were true to their characters the whole time, even when they came around to interact with us, even when we had 21st century questions for them.

It was great. They really are talented people.

The format is that of a carnival with many things going on at once, which is both fascinating and led to some difficulties for me.

I found there was too much going on at the same time so whatever performance I was watching, I could hear laughter and shouts from the other area of the carnival and knew I missed something that would have been great to see.

Given the nature of the performance, there was no way to actually go back and see what was happened so a part of the story / entertainment was missed.

The only way to catch what was missed would be to go to the performance again at a different time.

That said, now that I have experienced it once, I feel I would enjoy it a second time.

Not only to catch up on what I missed the first time but to further explore interactions with the cast members and immerse myself in it even more.

One thing to be cautious of though the venue – while a great space to fit the performance (it really is laid out well), there is no air conditioning and the current humidity and temperature levels mean it’s a very sticky, sweaty experience.

They do provide loads of ice water and some fans for your use, though if you plan to go to dinner afterwards you may want to plan some time to shower and freshen up beforehand.