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24 November, 2019

Leather Lungs is the Holy Trinity, honey!

If Tina Turner is the Madonna (as so this show proclaims), then Leather Lungs is the Holy Trinity honey!

I never expected my favourite rendition of You’re The Voice to be sung by a Kiwi Queen in red stiletto boots and yet here we are.

Jason Chasland’s alter ego, Leather Lungs, is an unexpected force of nature.

We first encounter this divine demigod clad in a red, sequin jacket with faux fur trim.

He tells us to brace ourselves for the fifty-minute journey ahead. And what a journey it is.

Set to a soundtrack of anthems that can only be described as iconic, Chasland entertains through anecdotes and high-pitched notes.

And when I say high, I mean operatic, falsetto, will-shatter-your-wineglass, kind of high.

His performance of Girl in 14G certainly demonstrates this vocal prowess as he swiftly switches between jazz, scatting, opera and an absurd nasal pitch.

All the while he impresses with incredible physicality, whether doing the splits, bouncing up and down, hanging upside down on a lounge chair; Chasland commands those stiletto boots like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Jason Chasland is more than a singer; he is a well-rounded performer.