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20 September, 2019

Like Valium for your ears

Walking into The Tivoli, was like walking into a secret house party.

There were mismatched couches, arm-chairs and coffee tables sprawled across the stage and around the venue, occupied with people drinking red wine and chatting in the semi-darkness before the start of the gig.

At the centre of the venue was an incredible pop-up stage, that offered a full 360-degree view of the musicians.

It was The Tivoli as I’ve never experienced it before, and it made me excited for the chill and dreamy tunes that I knew were promised by Husky.

When Husky took to the stage and strummed the first few notes in their opening song, all the worries in the world seemed to drift very far away.

The set was a mix of upbeat crowd-pleasing favourites and their new album, which they performed for the first time.

I loved hearing them perform a few of their more upbeat and well-known songs, ‘Late Night Store’ and ‘I’m Not Coming Back’.

The tracks from their new album definitely felt mellow, more aligned with the vibe of ‘Tidal Wave’, from their first album.

I felt the set would have benefited from further refinement, as the set hit a little bit of a lull towards the end of the evening.

This could have been resolved by limiting the number of tracks or swapping out one of their low-key songs for one of their more upbeat tracks.

I wish they had left me wanting more. At the end of the set, Husky took an acoustic guitar and played a cover of Bob Dylan, from the balcony of the Tivoli.

This was a beautiful moment, that I felt elevated the energy of the set again.

All in all, it was a great night.

Husky’s relaxed stage presence and folk genre would best suit fans of Boy and Bear or Angus stone.