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21 November, 2019

Oh how YUMMY! A tantalising display of raunchiness and tasteful seduction

A taste of some of the best local talent in the burlesque scene; audiences new and those who are veterans are sure to be absolutely delighted.

Filled with hints of glamour, bizarre, queer and quirk, every performer brought something new to the plate.

A drag queen as a host?!

How could you not?!

I quite enjoyed this burlesque rendezvous!

The evening went along with alternating performers from a troupe of talent, each their own style and personality.

Standouts include the solo male act of the evening, a true Brisbane legend, Kryptonite.

A familiar face, he absolutely nailed it with his stage presence and costuming.

A showgirl in demand, Lila Luxx oozed seduction and lust.

From the heels, to the feathers, to the makeup, to the sheer talent she brought.

It’s like she demanded your heart and broke it into pieces (you can tell I’m a fan).

Special mention to Lillian Lace the mastermind behind the evening.

Who knew Mother Nature wore nipple tassels under her leaves??

I can’t fault the show, I wanted MORE.

If you love nipple tassels (even on bums), sequins, feathers, a giggle, to be seduced and delighted….. SEE THIS!