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17 September, 2019

One definitely for fans of raw, no-frills theatre

Eurydice, based on the ancient Greek myth, is an edgy two-woman showcase of bare-bones prose with live music.

This is most certainly one for true fans of the spoken word.

Whether it was a mix of the late performance time (9pm on a weeknight) and the non-stop, lightning-quick dialogue of the performers, this is a show that requires 75 minutes of concentration.

Not the easiest of theatre experiences following a long day at work.

Admittedly, I found my attention weaving between the action on stage and the faces of the other spectators seated in the round – illuminated by the bright lighting which filled the entirety of the intimately small La Boite studio.

The acting and singing talent of the performers was undeniable – two voices blended melodiously to create moments of joy and fragility.

Music fans would appreciate the use of electronic music and acoustic guitar, re-interpreting song choices such as “Dancing in the Dark” and “Time After Time”.

I wanted to relate to Eurydice and experience her ultimate catharsis. To feel her heartbreak, her big love.

However, given certain pacing, focus and structure choices of the text, I felt some emotional impact was lost.

I suspect that when I see the brother work “Orpheus”, also on at Theatre Republic, all the missing puzzle pieces will fall into place.

This, of course, is all part of the thrill of seeing this style of risky, raw, indie theatre.

However, this show will definitely be too raw for some.

P.S Not one to take your date to. Might be a bit awkward.