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21 September, 2019

Pitched at a perfect pace to take the audience along with her as the story unfolds.

This is an autobiographical tale that starts with a new romance and is followed by amazing career success, motherhood and anguish when her son is born with severe health issues.

Bryony Kimmings uses her craft to tell this story as a storyteller would, it is pitched at a perfect pace to take the audience along with her as the story unfolds.

She uses amazing onstage filming techniques, visuals and original songs in an innovative way that truly entertains and engages the audience.

A fabulous performer who defines herself as a performance artist but she is most definitely a very accomplished comedian, singer and actress.

As the story unfolds, I was in awe of how she has the strength to overcome the challenges she has encountered.

She had the inner strength to overcome the challenges but at a very high personal cost to her physical and mental health.

She harnessed the emotional rollercoaster of joy and pain and transformed the experience into material for her show “I’m a Phoenix, Bitch”.

Throughout the show, she uses different voices and even a deep male middle-class voice to represent her continual self-doubt and anxiety.

Compassion just seemed to emanate from the audience to the lone female on stage.

There is no denying that the subject matter is challenging and sad but there is much laughter and enjoyment to be had.

No tears were shed even though it is an unbelievable sad story.

I was totally captivated with the performance and I would totally recommend that you attend this show.