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21 September, 2019

Puffs is great fun, even for those new to the wizarding world

From the walk in, there is no mistaking what you are in for.

The corridor was lined with old books and school posters.

You know the school.

Of course you do, everyone does.

Conveniently though if you don’t happen to know *that* particular school, all *that* well the Puffs still have plenty for you.

The cast enthusiastically takes the stage with meticulous comedic timing supported by some clever stage craft, a gorgeous, versatile set and a wry self-awareness that makes for a great big dose of fun.

With its blend of physical humour, clever use of props and some great one-liners, those who aren’t deep in the wizarding world shouldn’t be threatened by the Puffs, they just want to be your friend.