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28 November, 2019

Raw, intimate stand-up with a difference

Packed into the Powerhouse’s intimate Graffiti Room, I didn’t know quite what to expect from Rasa, which described itself as using a “secret Indian performance technique”.

Totally intrigued from the start, Rasa did not disappoint in what turned out to be a delightful one-hour titter-fest. Ashwin warmed to his small audience with ease, making us feel instantly relaxed in his comedic hands – not an easy task in a small house!

Ashwin plays the lovably ‘adorkable’ comedian, making him feel instantly like a good mate rather than a polished stand-up – this style may not be for everyone, but I enjoyed experiencing a real, vulnerable person rather than a flashy comic (There are enough of those).

Ashwin brought us into his world, allowing us to experience elements of his culture, as his explored a wide range of human emotions.

The show itself was a cross between theatre and comedy.

His improvisation and audience banter was on-point, I have no doubt every show will offer something totally unique, inspired by the audience.

Overall, a great one to catch this Wonderland fest.