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24 January, 2020

Shakespeare meets choose-your-own-adventure

A Midsummer Carnival allows you to experience Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream like never before.

Led through a warehouse by a ragtag clan of carnies, the audience becomes a participant in this theatre meets “choose your own adventure”.

I revelled in the complete freedom to curate my own theatre experience, in my own time, wandering from room to room as the performers surround and interact with you.

Time flies in this play, as you will have the chance to join a seance, write a play, have your fortune told, see sword swallowing and so much more.

It was wonderful to see that the audience wasn’t shy, joining in the fun, clapping and contributing enthusiastically.

As plot points play out in each room simultaneously, one may find the plot meandering if they are not familiar with the original play, however, I don’t think this would affect one’s enjoyment whatsoever!

In any case, I would recommend seeing the play twice in order to see parts that you miss!

Well done to the local team who created this immersive, funny and thrilling work – I look forward to seeing more from them in future.