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19 September, 2019

Simple, powerful and very, very clever

Meeting at the Tivoli, then being told we were going to a secret location created mystery right from the get-go.

We were escorted to a high rise building in King Street, hopped in the elevator and went to the top floor where the doors opened to a pathway of gorgeous lights directing us to be seated on a rooftop.

The cityscape in its illumination is beautiful and creates and atmosphere of intrigue for what’s to come.

In front stood a single table and chair lit up mysteriously, and holding a computer, microphone and mixing equipment.

Moments later Thomas Dudkiewicz appeared and was seated.

Didkiewicz begins by putting up one finger, signalling something is about to begin and stares me straight in the eyes for what seems like an uncomfortable amount of time.

“It was a dark and lonely night”……….

His enigmatic voice begins, and with the lights beaming down on him and the surround sound speaker system emanating out the sound of raindrops and rushing winds, so realistic you can almost feel it on your skin, we are transported into his imaginative world of storytelling.

He brings alive his fascinating characters’ personalities, differentiating clearly between them with his incredible voices and emotive facial expressions morphing backwards and forwards between them so cleverly.

The stories are so unpredictable, somewhat dark and intriguing that you are on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next and it’s not what you are prepared for.

At the heart of each story is something more powerful and thought-provoking than just entertainment and all are linked by the common thread of family experiences including love, loss and complicated things in-between.

This one man show was brilliant and an event to be remembered.

I left feeling like a child who wanted ……….just one more story!