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25 September, 2019

Starts with dancers sitting on stage in mediation pose, so still and synchronised

Rite of Spring is a stunning contemporary dance production that tells a tale of Incantation, Sacrifice and Renewal set in a Tibetan temple.

As the audience members are being seated, the dancers are sitting on stage in a meditation pose, all so still and synchronised.

The amazing dancers wear stunning costumes and crowns and striking make-up.

A Buddhist monk is working busily on stage engaged on an arduous task in the temple.

The dance is based on a traditional tale of sacrifice where the dancer will dance to the death in a frenzied dance.

The dancers are very accomplished and mesmerising as they dance in an exotic and different way with such passion and energy.

The audience were enthralled and there seemed to be no time to applaud until the end.

If you love and appreciate contemporary dance, then you cannot miss the opportunity to witness Rite of Spring.

I have to admit I am not a veteran of this art form but found plenty of other aspects to appreciate and enjoy.