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17 September, 2019

Sticking it to the patriarchy

Get ready for a wild ride and leave your inhibitions at home because Leah Shelton is coming at you.

She is Pandora!

She has opened the box and is taking on the evils of mankind that have oppressed and sexualised women since time began.

With a host of wigs, a creepy old man mask and a kick-ass opening costume, Leah’s physicality is exquisite to watch as she becomes the familiar characters we love, hate and fear.

Pandora is a woman who is not going to be told she can’t walk home alone at night or be subjected to subservient humiliation.

She is here to protect our daughters, sisters, mothers and show the bullies their game is over.

This is not bad experimental theatre as one audience member grumbled afterwards, this is outstanding performance art that captivates and leaves you breathless.

5/5 stars