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25 September, 2019

Technology provides dazzling imagery - simply stunning

The site location is a rather unattractive concrete warehouse in the middle of an industrial park with no visual clues of the beauty about to be unleashed within.

Upon entry to the dark warehouse, audience members are guided to their allocated sectional area and I immediately recall the childhood excitement of attending a circus event.

As we wait, seated on uncomfortable chairs and we view large opaque screens with old-world atlas images.

These screens will be used to project stunning images as the stage set changes for each chapter of the tale.

Finally, the screens retract with a screeching metal sound, the huge stage area can be seen witnessed and I realise that the show will be performed from a 360-degree perspective.

The two male actors use their wonderful voices to narrate the story of their relationship, the language is from a different era and reminded me of a Shakespearean play.

Talented dancers in wonderful costumes, performing wonderful choreographed movements on a massive stage area with such energy and passion was a joy to witness.

Marco Polo describes each invisible city in passionate detail, its infrastructure and, more importantly, how the inhabitants live their lives according to the unique value system of each city.

Virtual reality technology provides dazzling imagery of each city as the performance unfolds.

Simply stunning.

The complexity of humankind, those highs and lows of life are tackled in an honest and wonderful way.

The relentless need to carve out an ideal lifestyle in a less-than-ideal environment.

The overarching conclusion is that cities are not defined by design but by the city inhabitants themselves.

Loved it and would happily attend every night so if you have an opportunity to attend this show, do.