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10 September, 2019

The greatest version of a story we all know too well

Quirky. Heartfelt. Hilarious. Morbid. Profound. Delightfully a little dark.

Have you ever heard a story so full of soul that it becomes a part of you?

Something you carry around, fighting the urge to tell everyone you meet.

Because isn’t that just life – a collection of our best stories we carry around, waiting to tell those we deem worthy?

Well tonight it was an absolute privilege to be worthy of James Rowland’s story: Team Viking.

It is the first of a three-part trilogy and unequivocally the greatest story I’ve ever heard.

In my honest opinion, James is a master of his craft, finding the perfect balance of comedic delivery and prophetic emotion.

This is a story we all know too well, a story of friendship, cancer and dealing with loss.

However, James takes us all by the hand and offers us laughs, hugs, Lynx Africa, supportive shoulders and a little pyromania.

The nostalgia is not lost on anyone – and we appreciate every minute of it because we have all had to deal with loss at one point or another.

Team Viking is a wonderful story and production and it has something for absolutely everyone.

I would definitely recommend going to see any of the three shows James is performing at this year’s Brisbane Festival.

You will feel privileged being in the presence of a storyteller with an impeccable eye for detail and linking all elements, including ripped pieces of clothing, together in a lyrical feat worthy of any conductor.