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18 October, 2019

The songs were from many different genres but blended seamlessly and beautifully

Upon entering the theatre, the musical instruments are positioned to the left of the stage and the singers’ microphones to the right

A number of round tables are set for 6 guests and there is additional seating at the back.

The stage lighting is set to a cerise shade of pink.

My expectations were merely a musical cabaret performed by female performers.

As a relatively new resident to Brisbane, I was not aware of the history of the “Women in Voice” story until now.

I did not know that it was an iconic cabaret institution spanning 25 years of performing.

However, the vast majority of the audience members were loyal fans who had attended many previous shows and were so thrilled to continue the Women in Voice story.

The mission of the collaboration is to support and promote female artists.

Jenny Wynter was the MC and she was so funny and talented.

She can sing, dance and make the audience laugh.

She was essential to maintaining the ambience of the night.

The WiV band was wonderful, very talented musicians under the direction of Jamie Clark.

The songs were from many different genres but blended seamlessly.

The older performers have performed together over the years and last night they were joined by new members.

The mother-daughter duet and dialogue was beautiful.

It was a very enjoyable performance, the first half of the show had a little more momentum than the second half.

If you enjoy musical theatre regardless of the genre like I do, then this is the show for you.