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13 September, 2019

This Queen of Cabaret is as good as the Divas themselves

Absolutely loved this from start to finish.

In the 1st half, Trevor (untucked) showed what a multifaceted performer he is with some of his best musical theatre pieces, peppered with some spiced-up stories of his successes and lots of failures in his career.

Whilst he mocked himself with his recollections, and cracked us up, through the laughing we saw a very vulnerable side that broke a little piece of my heart.

Les Mis, Edna Turnblad, Priscilla, then Jesus Christ Superstar in the personas of Liza and Cher were hilarious.

The guy has got some pipes.

The 2nd half was when the show really ramped it up for me.

The lashes, wig and sequinned frock that would make any queen envious, transformed Trevor literally into another person on so many levels.

Confidence-plus and in his absolute element on the stage, belting out all the big ones from Tina Turner to Dame Shirley Bassey with a crack-smoking Whitney in between.

Unlike a lot of other drag performers, Trashley was not vulgar for the sake of it, but just naughty and satirical enough to pack the comedic punch while still showing the respect and admiration for the divas he so perfectly impersonated.

With the back-up of the amazing James Simpson and his band, Trevor’s stunning vocal range was as good as it gets, and after a few encores he finished with the Gay Anthem ‘I Am What I Am’ leaving us hankering for more.

Can’t wait to see him again.