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21 September, 2019

This show simply grabs your attention from the moment it starts

“Blanc de Blanc Encore” was a spectacular fusion of circus, comedy and cabaret acts.

The incessant pace of delivery ensured that the audience was in a perpetual state of laughter and enjoyment.

The audience was enthralled, we did not have time to even take a breath and needed the interval to recuperate.

Wow, this show simply grabs your attention from the moment the first performers walk on stage. To be honest, even trying to recall the acts in the correct order is quite difficult, so, in no particular order, there was an aerial acrobat who twirled from the centre of the tent, two hilarious comedians who narrated the show, tantalising nudity, an amusing contortionist, burlesque dancing and fabulous singing.

Comedy is most definitely the underlying theme in all the acts.

I attended with a group of 14 friends and we were seated in 3 booths as premium guests.

It seemed like a great idea but in fact, we were envious of the audience members who were not seated in the booths.

Their view of the stage was not hindered by the tent poles, they were covered in gold confetti, selected to participate in the show and they had a twirling acrobat overhead too.

I would absolutely recommend this show for a night out with friends.