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9 September, 2021

Unusual, cultural and highly entertaining

A delightful mix of Pacific Island song, dance and culture with circus thrown in for spice.

A massive cast put on a show to remember.

Having never seen traditional Pacific Island dance live before I was captivated throughout most of the night, the musicians were fantastic with solid drum beats transporting oneself to the beaches of Hawaii and the mountains of Samoa to name just two.

All the dancers were incredibly talented and their costumes an absolute delight.

The humour was cheeky and felt like honest family banter.

I was glad that Casus Circus were there to break up and collaborate with the song and dance routines because it added another level and excitement to the whole performance.

I do feel like they maybe didn’t bring their A game on this particular night.

While still impressive some of the circus pieces felt a little clunky and unpolished.

They also seemed hampered by clipping into safety harnesses quite a lot which may well have been a venue requirement.

All that said, they all possess huge skill and certainly added to the night.

To sum up, an interesting and enjoyable night suitable for all ages, bring your kids, your parents and of course your Aunties.