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2 October, 2019

Very creative and enjoyable!

What a creative and fun show!

The kids all followed along with the story well and loved having things fly in from above us and rain things down on us!

As an adult, I really enjoyed the story and the messages it sent.

It was a really enjoyable experience and I think the puppets and video production were absolutely amazing!

Loved having a live band as part of it too.

It was a bit difficult to see some of it from the back of the theatre but other than that it was a really great show!

Lior, 7:

I liked how some of the puppet pieces (like the lasers) lit up, and that the background video would do the explosion at the same time! I do think that the puppets should be a little bit bigger. We were at the back and it was hard to see. I really liked the story and the moral to share and that we can all be heroes. The idea was really good. My favourite character was the black sheep.

Eli, 5:

My favourite part of the show was when the guy turns into Laser Beak Man. I think the puppets were well made. Some were fun, and some were silly. My favourite character was Laser Beak Man.

Ahava, 3:

My favourite character was Laser Beak Man. Because he’s a superhero.