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9 May, 2021

Weird and utterly wonderful

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, and in that sense the show didn’t disappoint.

Not that you could call it a show, it was much more a complete experience.

It was almost formless, with participants able to freely engage in whatever they felt drawn to experience.

Whether that was sound, body-painting, touch, taste or sensation, it depended on the person.

It was interesting to see what people gravitated towards and how engaged people were with each other… or not.

Personally, I jumped straight into stripping down to briefs and laying on the floor to be painted on and it was strangely liberating and relaxing.

My plus-one did some painting then snuck off into a teepee to explore more solitary experiences.

It was really fun and beautiful.

It possibly could do with a little more structure but that might work against the organic nature of it overall.

It’s not for everyone, but I loved it as something out of the norm of traditional theatre-making.

I would definitely go again.