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30 November, 2019

Wow, Wow, Wow - who doesn't love a Christmas lobster!

If you’re a Love Actually movie fan then you’re going to love love love the production of Christmas Actually and think you’ve died and gone to heaven.

Christmas Actually was written by Adam Brunes & Naomi Price.

Naomi Price is such a fabulous personality and genius in her fast-paced performance.

It’s fun, it’s bright, it’s bold, a whole heap of razzle-dazzle, with a good dollop of Christmas Cheer thrown in.

All the audience got involved and sang their little lungs out and by the end were on their feet dancing.

Naomi is backed up by Australian renowned and talented Tom Oliver, Stefanie Caccamo and Alex Rathgeber who all have their turn to shine in the spotlight adding another layer of Christmas goodness to the mix.

A surprise performance by the English Prime Minister proved a highlight.

The whole performance is kept on pace by the fabulous band consisting of Mik Easterman, Scott French, Michael Manikus and OJ Newcomb and what Christmas show would not be complete without a Lobster?

So what’s not to love!

Dust of your Christmas Spirit and run don’t walk to get you in the mood for all that goes with the Silly Season – Christmas Actually.