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21 November, 2019

Your imagination is a funny thing!

Isaac Lomman filled the stage with a group of willing volunteers from the audience and with his mesmerising voice and a click of his fingers he tried to take them into a state of deep hypnosis.

To do this takes time and surprisingly not everyone is able to fall under his spell so at this point I found the performance got a little repetitive and my concentration wandered slightly.

Isaac then explained the different levels of hypnosis and took all the audience through a couple of exercises to show us how it worked and the power that your mind holds.

Once he swapped out a couple of the participants who weren’t responding to the hypnosis and was happy with his team of volunteers the show began.

Each participant was queued to a word or music to perform in a certain way which proved the makings of a very funny show.

This, of course, would differ and be unique to each show as it is the participant’s mind and how they interpret the instruction as to what will happen.

We had a funny bunch who acted out being very attracted to each other, Irish dancing and James Bond, to thinking that everyone was naked etc.

It was an hour of silly fun and who doesn’t love that?

an you be hypnotized? Go find out.