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2-16 Dec 2023

Cremorne Theatre, QPAC

QPAC in association with Oombarra Productions

Is That You, Ruthie? is a poignant exploration of a mother and daughter’s enduring connection; a deeply moving play that delves into the complex aftermath of a government removal policy that separated a mother (Ruby) and daughter (Ruthie) from 1930 to 1957, leaving scars that could never fully heal.

A raw and heartfelt portrayal of two souls navigating the depths of their shared history, Is That You, Ruthie? is a story of resilience, courage, and the enduring human spirit delving into the complexities of family ties and discovering whether the estranged love of a mother and daughter can bridge the gaps that time and tragedy have carved.

Based on the books Is That You, Ruthie? – first published by the University of Queensland Press in 1999 – and Buthalangi: A Maranoa Woman written by Dr Ruth Hegarty.

Written and Directed by Leah Purcell.

Recommended audience age is 13+

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