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Talking to Brick Walls

13-14 May 2021

Studio 188, Ipswich

The Black Box Collective

Written by Claire Christian and Empire Youth Arts IMPACT Ensemble
Directed by Jasmin Smith

Parents… Teenagers. Will they ever be able to have an honest conversation?

A celebration of growing up, Talking to Brick Walls by Claire Christian playfully exposes just how divided parents and teenagers have become. Portrayed with breathtaking authenticity, each scene is a story within itself, woven together to create a tapestry of lived experience, humour and connection.

Director | Jasmin Smith
Producer | Nicholas Southey
Production Manager | Kian Dillon
Stage Manager | Georgia Carrigan
Designer | Noah Milne
Composer/Sound Designer | Francesca Brzoskowski

Chelsea August
Sereima Caldwell
Zara Chandler
Minette Cooper
Daniel Johnston
Indiah Morris
Abby O’Brien
Charles Platt
Lily Wilkins

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