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What’s it all about?

The Neighbourhood brings light to seven individual real-life journeys, from the experience of fleeing homelands; to seeking refuge; to creating, fostering and discovering a new community in Australia.

This sounds familiar…

This work is a companion piece to La Boite’s critically acclaimed 2017 offering The Village.

Who is involved?

The Neighbourhood is written and co-created by the storytellers themselves, in their own voices and unique styles, telling their individual stories of home and the vital importance of belonging.

The ensemble of seven local storytellers worked with co-creators Todd MacDonald, Aleea Monsour and Ari Palani to bring their stories to the stage.

La Boite has partnered with Multicultural Australia, Empire Theatres and SWQ Regional Arts.

The Neighbourhood plays La Boite Roundhouse Theatre from 8 Feb 2020