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Tom Oliver knows how to make the most of an opportunity.

The hardworking singer, actor and creator started his career working the box office at La Boite while still in high school and is now touring the world and performing alongside Marcia Hines in hit stage show, Velvet.

Great success comes from great sacrifice and for Tom, this has taken the form of sleep and stability; admitting he’s “phoned in performances” while exhausted and revealing the impact his transient, globetrotting lifestyle has on friendships and his sense of “home”.

With a packed schedule of tours, gigs – and sly side project or two – on the cards for 2020, Tom sat down with IMHO to impart a few more honest truths.

Who is your favourite Australian actor?

Bryan Probets is the name who comes to my head first. He’s just so good, he can do anything. There’s no role I haven’t seen him not be able to do really well.

What is a work you wish you could see again?

When I saw I Love You, Bro at La Boite I was just finishing high school. It was a one-man show, performed by Leon Cain and directed by David Berthold. It was just so incredibly presented and told and I’d love to see that again.

Audience participation: love it or loathe it?

I love watching it. Oh my gosh, it’s so exciting! When it’s happening to me? I don’t know if I love it. It’s not my favourite thing to do as an actor either, to be honest.

Spill the beans on the best after-party you’ve attended?

Every night on a cruise ship is a pretty good after-party, to be honest. The most random one I have attended was after the New Year’s Eve concert we did with Marcia on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, doing a live TV cross. Then I was on a private chartered ferry back to Woolloomooloo with the likes of Jimmy Barnes and so many celebrities and I had this moment like: “what am I doing here and how do I do this more often?!”

If you weren’t a performer, what would you be doing with your life?



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