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Are you telling me this is a play about a star sign?

Capricorn is a show about unrequited love and vulnerability. It explores culture, sexuality, personal growth and grief, as well as environmental issues, the importance of protest and the effects of institutional corruption on society.

Woah! That covers a lot!

Yep! Capricorn, by Butchulla and Kabi Kabi writer Aidan Rowlingson, compacts all our anxieties and fears about love and loss into one relationship and asks us to look within.

Centred around Sam and Ally, who are doomed, we have front-row seats to the end of their fractured relationship.

Fate brings them together again and again but when all the world’s pet fish mysteriously vanish and the world descends into heartbreak, these ill-fated lovers must assess their relationship and their choices to face the truth of what led to their downfall.

Seriously? All the pet fish?

It’s a theatrical journey from heartbreak to healing, tempered with a dash of surrealism. And comic relief.

Has it ever been staged before?

This is the WORLD PREMIERE of Capricorn. Rowlingson will co-direct the work with Queensland producer, playwright, director and Yuwibara woman, Nadine McDonald-Dowd.

CAPRICORN plays Roundhouse Theatre, La Boite from 24 Jul 2023