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What is IMHO?

Get the lowdown on live performance and entertainment from those in the know – the audience. IMHO is the ultimate guide to Queensland’s theatre and performing arts scene with behind-the-scenes news, the latest events and real reviews from real people.

Who are Citizen Reviewers?

IMHO’s Citizen Reviewers are real people delivering real reviews on live shows: from stand-up comedy and independent theatre to international opera and blockbuster musicals. Citizen Reviewers receive free tickets to live performances in exchange for their honest opinions and written reviews – whether they enjoyed the show or not.

How can I become a Citizen Reviewer?

Anyone can become a Citizen Reviewer, you don’t need experience or a background in the performing arts. Register HERE.

What are Veterans and Virgins?

When Citizen Reviewers register, they nominate as either Veterans (huge fans) or Virgins (first-timers) across a range of art forms. IMHO loves to share sincere and candid reviews from both Veterans and Virgins to give you the big picture.

I’ve never been to the opera/ballet/a musical/a play, can I still be a Citizen Reviewer?

Absolutely! The honest opinions and genuine first impressions of a Virgin with no experience of an art form or performance style are just as valid – and entertaining – as a Veteran with deep knowledge.

Can I still review performances, even if I’m not a Citizen Reviewer?

IMHO’s Do You Rate It? is open to everyone, not just Citizen Reviewers. Do You Rate It? asks audience members six cheeky multiple-choice questions about a show and shares the results in real-time. If you would like to attend shows for free and have your reviews published on IMHO, you must REGISTER as a Citizen Reviewer.

What happens if I didn’t like the show?

We want your honest opinion – good, bad or otherwise. We will never censor reviews but we do ask that you show respect and phrase criticism in a way that doesn’t cause personal offence. Citizen Reviewers will not be penalised for submitting negative reviews.

How do I get Citizen Reviewers to one of my shows?

Easy! REGISTER your Company with IMHO. Once that’s done, you can upload production details, select dates and performance times and manage the number of tickets available to Citizen Reviewers at each show from your Company dashboard. You’ll also receive a handy Welcome Pack guiding you through the Citizen Reviewer process.