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Brisbane 2-24 Sep 2022

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One word to describe your Brisbane Festival experience...


How about those ticket prices?

Pretty cheap.
No bargain but no budget blow-out either.
Broke the bank.
Ripped. Off.

How was the vibe?

Straight and serious
Festive and fun
Way too extra
Zero vibe

Favourite Festival moment?

Riverfire, of course
Brisbane's pink glow-up
Seeing something that surprised me
Being entertained in the 'burbs
Making a day or night of it

Why were you looking at your phone?

I wasn't - it was too absorbing!
Texting my mates to tell them to book tickets.
Googling the performer to to figure out where I'd seen them before .
Guilty - filming content for my Insta/TikTok.
Wordle - the show was D.U.L.L.

If Brisbane Festival was a fruit, what would it be?

Watermelon - big, juicy and made for sharing with friends.
Pomegranate - pretty colours, interesting and goes well with alcohol.
Apple - nothing flash but always solid and dependable.
Coconut - hard to crack but delivered some sweetness eventually.
Sultana - not very satisfying and pretty dry.

Who was your plus-one?

My partner - date night.
My kids - family outing.
My bestie - big night out.
Colleagues - team bonding.
Me - flying solo.

Do You Rate It?

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