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Brisbane Festival 2021

Brisbane 3-25 Sep 2021

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Your Brisbane Festival experience in one word...


How about those ticket prices?

Free. Totally free.
Pretty cheap.
About what I expected to pay.
I forked out a bit more than I expected.
Ripped. Off.

Who did you take with you?

My partner - date night.
My kids - family outing.
My best mate - a night out.
Group of friends - socially distant socialising.
Just me - solo outing.

Why were you looking at your phone?

I wasn't - it was too good!
Texting my mates to tell them to book tickets.
Googling the performer to figure out where else I've seen them.
Guilty - I was sneakily filming content for my Insta stories.
Watching TikToks - the show was D. U. L. L.

How many quarantinis had the audience drunk?

Stone-cold sober
A tiny bit giggly
Nicely buzzed
Raucous and rowdy
Obnoxiously obliterated

If Brisbane Festival was a fruit, what would it be?

Watermelon - big, juicy and made for sharing with friends
Pomegranate - pretty colours, interesting and goes well with alcohol
Apple - nothing flash but always solid and dependable
Coconut - hard to crack but delivered some sweetness eventually
Sultana - not very satisfying and pretty dry

Do You Rate It?

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