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Do You Rate It?

Sizzling or Fizzing? Sexy or Safe? Bubbly or Blah? You be the judge in ‘Do You Rate it’

The Book of Mormon

Lyric Theatre, QPAC 3 Jan-14 Feb 2020

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Is it worth the ticket price?

Hell yes!
I suppose so
Can't complain
Not really
Hell no!

The first thing you'll tell your mates is...

How funny it is
How inappropriate it is
How catchy the songs are
How you never thought you'd find yourself laughing at AIDS jokes
How you walked out in disgust

How many drinks did it take to get through?


Who should you take to see this?

Your mum
Your best mate
Your kids
A first date
Your enemy

Why were you looking at your phone?

I wasn't - it was too good!
To check session times - I'm definitely going again!
To text my friends the jokes and one-liners
To post my rage on Twitter and/or Facebook
To watch cat videos - boring

If this show was a fruit, what would it be?

Watermelon - big, juicy and made for sharing with friends
Pomegranate - pretty colours, interesting and goes well with alcohol
Coconut - hard to crack but delivered some sweetness eventually
Lemon - sour, hard to stomach and won’t go back for another bite
Sultana - not very satisfying and pretty dry

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