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Do You Rate It?

Sizzling or Fizzing? Sexy or Safe? Bubbly or Blah? You be the judge in ‘Do You Rate it’


21 Feb-22 Mar 2020

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The first thing you'll tell your mates is...

How you laughed until you couldn't breathe
How spectacularly unfunny your show was
How cool it was to see that person from TV/radio/Instagram live on stage
How you've discovered "the next big star" in comedy
All about the cringeworthy audience participation and heckling

What did you think of the ticket prices?

Cheap as
Pretty good value
About what you expected to pay
A bit exxy
Highway robbery

How drunk was the audience?

Stone cold sober
A tiny bit giggly
Nicely buzzed
Raucous and rowdy
Obnoxiously obliterated

Who did you recommend the show to?

Every single one of your mates
Someone with an off-kilter sense of humour
Your Nan
Someone who is easily amused
Your arch nemesis

Why were you looking at your phone?

I wasn't - it was too good!
Texting my mates to tell them to book tickets
Googling the performer to figure out where else I've seen them
Watching TikToks - the show was D. U. L. L.
To post my rage on Twitter and/or Facebook

If this show was a fruit, what would it be?

Watermelon - big, juicy and made for sharing with friends
Pomegranate - pretty colours, interesting and goes well with alcohol
Coconut - hard to crack but delivered some sweetness eventually
Lemon - sour, hard to stomach and won’t go back for another bite
Sultana - not very satisfying and pretty dry

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