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Well, what’s all this about?

Renowned Queensland-based dance companies Australasian Dance Collective (ADC) and BlakDance have joined forces to launch First Collective Residencies, an initiative to support established and emerging First Nations choreographers and dancers.

First Collective Residencies strives to address the increasing demand for First Nations performance works of scale by supporting the creation of new and diverse performance work, creating opportunities for First Nations dancers and choreographers and forging pathways for future mainstage commissions.

Who are the dancers and choreographers?

First Collective Residencies will host eight leading First Nations guest artists including raymond blanco, Vicki Van Hout, Yolande Brown, Jasmin Sheppard, Joel Bray, Katina Olsen, Karul Projects and Amrita Hepi as resident choreographers.

Each choreographer will explore their artistic practice, working with an ensemble of eight dancers: the six ADC company artists as well as two roles for First Nations dancers for each residency.

Tell me about the residencies…

Each residency across the two-year program is at ADC’s studio in the Judith Wright Arts Centre and includes masterclasses for local artists to connect with, and learn from, the guest artists.

First Collective Residencies commences in November 2023 with the first Resident Choreographer, Vicki Van Hout.