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What is IRL?

As well as being an abbreviation for “in real life”, IRL is a brand-new Australian play making its world premiere at La Boite in 2023.

I’m intrigued… what’s it like?

IRL is a pop culture-fuelled romp full of big laughs, sharp dialogue, iconic costumes and just enough romance to set hearts racing.

With equal parts humour and heart, IRL is a fierce and funny reflection of what it means to be a teenager searching for love, acceptance and community.

And the storyline?

It follows Alexei, a 17-year-old with a passion for cosplay who gets lost in the lies – or stories – he tells about himself.

As he and his long-time internet crush, Thaddeus, prepare to meet IRL at the Supanova pop culture convention, Alexei – in a moment of regrettable self-sabotage – assumes a false identity to test the authenticity of his would-be boyfriend.

When Alexei’s best friend Taylor begins channelling the anti-capitalist vigilante superhero she plays on TV, the thin line between fantasy and reality wiggles wildly out of control.

Sounds… complicated?

Lean into the chaos!

Yes, this is a work that moves at breakneck speed but it is also brimming with heart.

It’s for anyone who has had a crush, experienced first love, been a teenager, found safety in their imagination or questioned their identity.

IRL plays Roundhouse Theatre, La Boite from 6 Nov 2023