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1 April, 2023

5 stars - so good!

A coming of age story of one person with autism, trying to reach the stars and all the obstacles and triumphs along the way.

Set entirely within Drizzle Boy’s mind, the play takes us on a journey through a world with lots of characters, from historical figures brought to life by Drizzle Boy’s imagination, his daemons, his family, friends and Dr Google.

However, there are only three actors in the cast.

They manage the most speediest costume changes ever.

Every character was so unique and well-played I  forgot there were only three actors!

The set was impressive, great use of lighting and sound painting a vivid picture of Drizzle Boy’s imagination.

It;s a beautiful, funny, moving show with a stellar cast.

I really enjoyed it – if you get the opportunity it’s well worth the watch, a 5-star show!