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24 October, 2019

A beautiful blend of art forms for both your eyes and your ears

When the curtain came down on this show, my brain felt like it had been through a blender – in a good way.

Watching Orpheus & Eurydice, there is so much to digest both audibly and visually.

In ninety minutes, the creative team deliver a combination of circus, opera and music, all in one beautiful bucket.

I really have to commend the creatives involved – from the orchestra, circus, singers, set design and costuming – everything ties in and presents like a neatly packaged parcel.

Gluck’s simplicity is echoed in the production through the set design especially.

This provides a necessary contrast to the constant visual movement from the circus.

Extremely clever, and delightful to watch the exploration of such a minimalist set.

I will say that whilst the blend of art forms was uniquely exciting, it was also overwhelming at times.

A slight balance adjustment in sections to hone in on the beautiful moments that exist within the piece would elevate the experience even more.

In saying that, Orpheus & Eurydice is expertly executed and I would encourage both new and repeat opera audiences to experience it for themselves.