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12 September, 2019

A comedy fever dream that covers hits but has some misses

Sam Simmons and his textbook off-beat humour landed in The Tivoli like a fever dream.

The lights dimmed and the audience was given a supercut of Simmons’ self-help, life-hack song covers projected onto the backing screen, a hint at what was to come.

Drawing from iconic songs by artists ranging from Nirvana to David Bowie, Simmons weaves bizarre subject matter through the music with conviction and, at times, strangely surprising vocal delivery.

It’s quite a ride for the audience, with concurrent storytelling surrounding Dianne Thomas’ tragic Hollywood story as well as a family that’s been lost within Sam’s head.

If these subjects sound as though they’d mix like water and oil, you’re right, it’s an often jarring performance.

However, that’s absolutely part of the show’s draw.

Simmons moves quickly and is adaptable to audience energy.

He uses this energy to steer himself through the various self-help topics, inviting participation and questions, before either diving deeper or shifting to the next cover.

Ultimately, if you’re feeling like a dive into absurdity, 26 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong With Sam Simmons is well worth it.

Just prepare to spend parts of the hour in awkward silence between the belly laughs.