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24 September, 2019

A contemporary vision, pushing the boundaries of dance, theatre and production

First impressions entering the venue…WOW… the lighting and staging were incredible.

Invisible Cities takes you on a completely immersive experience blending physical theatre, dance with architectural design and projection.

The warehouse in Yeerongpilly was a spectacular venue and roundhouse seating allowed for a truly unique theatre experience.

This was truly unique and Dance Ballet Rambert did a spectacular job.

The movement in combination with lighting, water and other various props had me on the edge of my seat and each piece truly takes you on a journey into each new world.

The choreography itself was powerful and emotional, it couldn’t be flawed.

I found the story itself to be quite hard to follow.

There were times where I didn’t know what was happening and I struggled to make sense of the storyline.

I found it most enjoyable when I ignored the story and just left the dancing and atmosphere speak for itself.

The beginning was particularly hard to understand and I found it hard to engage with the overriding concept.

Overall I enjoyed the dance aspects of the performance and found them to be moving and innovative, however, was left feeling flat when trying to consider the overall concept and themes of the story.