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24 September, 2019

A creatively delivered and thought-provoking performance about raw reality complex social issues

Bighouse Dreaming is an honest, and at-times uncomfortable, view of life in regional towns for troubled youth and the justice system that encompasses them.

From the moment writer and lead actor Declan Furber Gillick outlines the boundaries of his stage with the red dirt of his Country, we are offered a glimpse into the realities facing young Indigenous Australians and those trying to support them.

The cast of three – Furber Gillick, Ross Daniels and Dushan Phillips – play multiple characters and while the role switching is sometimes awkward, Furber Gillick, in particular, is brilliant in his ability to convincingly portray each of his characters.

Although, it was hard to imagine him as a 16-year-old kid.

Many lighthearted moments relieve the sombre tone of the play and it leaves an impression long after the applause dies down.

The only real disappointment was the lack of rap music – I was expecting it to be a bigger element of the performance.

All up, I’d definitely recommend this to those who aren’t afraid to explore some honest views about our country.