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24 January, 2020

A delightful, chaotic mess!

Brisbane Immersive Ensemble’s contemporary version of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ portrayed a twisted tale of love and hypnotism in a flurry of enchanted pandemonium.

Although, it seemed confusing and somewhat chaotic to start with, what unfolded was a delightful comedy of events.

When the show started outside and the performers were all part of the audience I wasn’t sure what to expect.

It was a spectacle like I’d never seen before and truly interactive, with my husband taking a call from one of the ex-boyfriends, who ended up being a main character.

There were story plots, layered hilarious characters performing a play, sword swallowing, dancing, comedy, music and numerous other carnie conundrums happening all at once and building into one side-splitting culmination.

The story revealed four young lovers tangled together by a meddlesome hypnotist to the tunes of fabulous gypsy jazz musicians.

We found ourselves following the characters from room to room waiting for the next unexpected piece of the pie.

Loved the Shakespearean dialect fused with comedic improvisation.

The Powerhouse venue is one I always love, however no air-conditioning in the Queensland summer heat did detract from the wonderful performances surrounding us.

I was grateful for the fans and water, but would have enjoyed it so much more if the venue was air-conditioned.

Overall it was a fabulous, unusual routine that I thoroughly enjoyed and would highly recommend.

I’d actually love to see it again as there was so much going on I think the second time around I’d choose different rooms to be in to see a completely altered version.