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27 December, 2019

A festival with such a friendly vibe and a unique mix of everything

Arrived at the festival site via the Somerset Kilcoy route, such a scenic route to the Woodford Folk Festival.

The site was so busy with ticketing, camping passes and car parking.

However, the immediate and obvious difference was how happy and friendly everyone was.

The process of finding and setting up our overnight camping site was easy.

Fellow campers waved at us and directed us to the best available tent sites.

Excellent camping set up and staffed by excellent volunteers.

A shuttle bus took us along green country lanes and we had finally arrived for our first visit to the WFF.

Such a massive array of crafts, food, bars, performances on offer at this huge site.

A festival programme is an absolute must.

The festival crowd was a phenomenal mix of ages, groups, fashions, costumes, hats, etc., etc. but warmth and happiness simply exuded from every single person we met.

Too many options for our one day visit so we simply wandered around stopping at various performances, demonstrations and stalls.

Participated in a Japanese dance class, listened to the Celtic folk sessions, enjoyed the circus act, enjoyed the 1990’s aerobics class at Jungle bus, meandered through the blue zone and sampled the wonderful food and drinks options along the way.

So many colourful and dramatic art installations to be enjoyed throughout the site.

I am not a camping fan as such but nonetheless I had such a great sleep in my simple pop up tent.

A wonderful festival, a reminder to us all to appreciate the gifts of simplicity, community and active participation.