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2 August, 2021

A highly recommended Opera

This was my first ever Opera and boy did it impress!

I was worried being about 200 years old it would be hard to follow and hard to relate to – man, was I wrong!

The twists and turns, the drama, comedy, suspense and scandal were enthralling and could rival any modern-day soap opera!

The modern set and costumes were a little unexpected but complemented the story.

In Act Four chorus members wearing huge paper-mache heads in the background while Figaro sang – very unexpected but amusing.

The cast’s energy and excitement was earnestly felt with everyone giving stellar performances: Jose Carbo’s Count Almaviva was one of my favorites with my Opera buddy enjoying Eva Kong’s Countesses Almaviva costumes and performance the most!

Gloriously supported by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra who seamlessly expressed the characters’ emotions through Mozart’s music. The whole experience was an absolute joy from beginning to end and highly recommended.