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24 September, 2019

A journey to cities that may have been

I probably should have read the synopsis properly because I was confused as to what was going on but it wasn’t difficult to figure out.

The winner in this spectacle is the production design.

It is truly outstanding and I loved the near 3D projections on the muslin curtains.

The audience is divided into four seating banks and it was these curtains that hid us from each other when the set was changing.

It gave me a sense of being in a smaller audience than the one we were really in.

The choreography was stunning and I was happier watching the dancers than listening to the story.

I lost focus when the actors were talking.

I wasn’t menaced by the Kublai Khan (Danny Sapani) and why, oh why, did Marco Polo (Matthew Leonhart) have an American accent?

It was awful and inconsistent.

My opinion is conflicted with the incorporation of modern cities towards the end.

I understand the connection and I enjoyed it very much but I didn’t want to go there.

This will be a crowd-pleaser for theatregoers.