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5 September, 2019

We Live Here has a physicality that feels equal parts playful and perilous.

It’s difficult to review a show like ‘We Live Here’ dispassionately. The hour long show from Flipside Circus is based around the stories and experiences of families and guests of Hummingbird House – QLD’s only kid’s hospice. Guests of Hummingbird House are kids with ‘life-limiting conditions’, meaning they’re either terminal or not expected to live past childhood, and their families.

Heavy stuff.

And to be completely honest, my experience with circus is not exactly what I’d call vast. Nonetheless, I was mightily impressed by this cast of five young acrobats and their tackling of a very tough subject.

The show doesn’t shy from its topic, and the idea of time looms in the background throughout. However, the immensely likeable performers imbue the topic with a levity that is bang on for tone. It’s not flippant, but it’s not gloomy. There are moments of melancholy, aided by a fabulously curated soundtrack, but they’re balanced perfectly with what are really the mission of a place like Hummingbird House – moments of life, lightness and humour – which give both dignity and joy to this most difficult of subjects.

The good Lord saw fit to give me hamstrings tighter than a marching snare, so anyone able to touch their toes without bending their knees or tearing a hammy has my respect. ‘We Live Here’ has a physicality that feels equal parts playful and perilous. The strength anchor of the young troupe is particularly impressive and, while not every move was nailed with the precision of a Romanian gymnast, it’s certainly no distraction from what is honestly a fantastic and worthwhile show.

I’ll leave the final verdict to the most circus-qualified person I know – my 11 year-old niece who accompanied me to the show – “It’s REALLY good!”