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10 November, 2023

A “Joyous”, “Hilarious”, “Fabulous”, “Romantic” and “Amazing” performance

The IRL audience was enthralled from the moment the performance started.

The stage lights came on, in the spotlight there was a tall guy in a pink princess dress sharing his comical dating dilemma.

What a story he had to share with us, the thin line between fantasy and reality was seamless and seemed so normal within minutes. What a storyteller!

The dialogue was fast-paced, with perfect enunciation and so very funny all through the performance.

Much laughter throughout the 90 minutes from the fully engaged audience.

A fabulous performance by a cast who never lost their audience for one second.

Such a fantastic show, each audience member had a smile on their face when the performance ended.

Afterwards, I was lamenting that I had to review the show and asked how and what words could I possibly use to describe the performance?

Audience members called out words such as “Joyous”, “Hilarious”, “Fabulous”, “Romantic” and “Amazing”.