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27 September, 2019

A laugh a minute - fun for the whole family

Game Show-Off: Family Edition is a hilarious, live game show where mixed-age teams vie for the ultimate prize – a recycled trophy.

To be crowned the winners, teams have to perform a series of physical and intellectual tasks.

Tasks included spelling, music trivia, eating competition, fashion design and a crazy dance-off.

With only four cast members, Game Show-Off is highly interactive with the audience becoming the actual show.

At the start of the show, nobody knows quite what to expect.

Strangers are sat together to form teams and told to select a team name and team sound – this sound will later become the team ‘buzzer’.

As the show gets underway, lollies are thrown into the crowd, the audience’s inhibitions dissolve and everyone gets into the spirit of the Game Show.

There is a lot of raucous laughter and some serious competitiveness as the teams’ desire to win takes over.

Game Show-Off: Family Edition is lots of fun for all ages.

Strangers became friends and everyone left with a big smile.

If you want to have a great time, laugh a lot and do something different with your whole family, I highly recommend this show.