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20 September, 2019

A poignant testament to the power of resilience

Byrony Kimming’s ‘I’m a Phoenix, Bitch’ is a heartfelt, wonderful, wrenching and moving piece of theatre, made all the more inspirational due to its deeply personal nature.

Chronicling Byrony’s journey through trauma, a break-up and her recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder, this is a piece of performance art combining elements of a musical, horror movies, pop art, light installation and scale.

The show is anchored by a series of great songs that are staged brilliantly, with appropriate lighting and projection across the stage.

Byrony portrays a number of different characters with ease throughout, charting her journey, beginning with the moment she breaks up with her boyfriend, nearly loses her son and her mind in the process.

From that point, her travails and triumphs are depicted with a dizzying mix of horror, mania, funny and genuinely moving moments.

Ultimately, Byrony’s journey as she learns to trust herself is a testament to her resilience, and in turn, inspiring to everyone watching.

The show’s raw intensity, vulnerability and emotion left this reviewer exhilarated and inspired, thrilled by the spectacle of Byrony’s rise from the ashes of trauma.

I’m a Phoenix, Bitch is unmissable and recommended without reservations.